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Cake Smash Photographs Bromley

Capturing the formative stages of a child’s life are a great way to document their growth, and with cake smash photographs in Bromley by RoxieArt photography, you can make your child’s birthday even more memorable.

Cake smash photography gives an instant charm to your child’s deep adoration for making a mess, giving them freedom to play with and indulge in cake. With butter cream smeared across their cheeks and cake crumbs hiding between their tiny fingers, this style of photography is fun and unforgettable.

RoxieArt’s two specialist photographers Roxanne and Natalie will produce delightful images of your child to laugh at and to cherish. Their passion is making sure that they capture the personality of your child and that it remains a safe and enjoyable experience for them.

RoxieArt give you the option of two cake smash sessions. The first of which is the standard cake smash which costs £85, but for just £30 extra they offer a themed cake smash plus a splash. These backdrops, handmade by Roxanne, are a great way to get the best out of the cake smash session.

Roxanne and Natalie strive to have the best equipment, ensuring that you have stunning pictures to show off at the end of the cake smash session. Why not get in touch and explore their range of sessions for your child or new born? Ring RoxieArt Photography on 07748 424447.

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