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yawning newborn baby with his family's hands holding him

the newborn experience

Photographing your newborn baby is a responsibility I take very seriously. When choosing a photographer to capture your new baby, experience and knowledge count and your child's comfort and safety should come first. That newborn stage is so fleeting, there is no do-over in creating those newborn moments. Every baby is different and no two photo sessions are ever the same, but in my many years of experience I've never had a baby I couldn't get beautiful images of. Only a very experienced professional should be handling and posing your new baby.

Newborn photo sessions will generally take place in my comfortable home studio. The flow of the photo session is dictated by your baby. Plan on your session taking 2 - 3 hours allowing time for feeding breaks and nappy changes. My studio is kept quite warm for newborn photo shoots to keep baby comfy and help regulate their body temperature.

Newborn sessions will always be scheduled on weekday mornings because of the length of the session.   Weekend appointments are not available for newborns. Please plan to be flexible when scheduling the day for your session, plan family visits and appointments for a different day so everyone can be relaxed without the need to rush as this can be unsettling for everyone. We will stay in touch throughout the end of your pregnancy just in case we need to mover your pre-booked date should baby arrive early/late.  We will aim to photograph your baby between 7 and 14 days old, but if circumstances don't allow that its is not the be all and end all, you can still come in for your newborn session at 4 weeks. If I can juggle my schedule to fit in a last minute newborn sessions I always will, so don't hesitate to reach out even if you're not prebooked or your baby is a bit older.

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