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Create Stunning, Contemporary Images With A Professional New-born Photographer In Bromley

Your pride and joy, your baby child. After nine months in your tummy, their life begins to open ahead of them. Before they begin to grow up, it’s important to savour those early moments. By choosing RoxieArt Photography, you can have pictures taken by a professional new-born photographer in Bromley, Kent.

Those initial moments are so special for you and your partner. Creating a timeless photo frame or album will ensure that any time you want to reminisce about their baby-faced days, you can flick back through stunning pictures with glorious smiles on your face.

The team of two at RoxieArt Photography will make the most out of the photoshoot with you and your baby. They know how to make sure every shot displays something unique. Whether that’s you and your partner with your baby between you, or your new-born child exploring on their own, the result will be perfect.


The photoshoot can either be done at your home or at RoxieArt’s very own studio in Bromley. This gives the team the ability to turn their hand to your options. They will mould your ideas for the shoot around their photographic experience.

To find out more about their new-born photoshoots in Bromley, Kent and the range of packages available to you, get in contact today.


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