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Cake Smash & Splash Photographer | London | Gravesend | Dartford | Maidstone, Kent Baby Photography

Cake smash photography is one of my favourite things! It's so entertaining to capture the adorable expressions and mess that a sweet one-year-old can make. However, some children may not enjoy their cake smash right away, so here are some tips to help the cake smash happen without any tears.

Starting with some family portraits will also help your baby settle into the new environment, lots of fun and giggles will help with getting started with the cake smash.

amazing close up of baby girls face with stunning brown eyes, long lashes and curly hair

1. Practice: Yes, you heard it right! It's a good idea to let your child try some cake or a cupcake with icing before their cake smash session. Let them make a mess! We usually discourage our babies and kids from making a mess while eating, so when they get to a cake smash session, they may feel confused. They may have never tasted a cake or touched icing before, making them feel unsure and hesitant to touch or smash it. Allowing them to practice beforehand gets them accustomed to the feel and taste of a cake. If you don't want to let them practice with a cake, try some cold mashed potatoes and let them play around with it :)

beautiful baby girl with curly hair and hazel eyes and long lashes licking a spoon covered in buttercream icing

2. Plan around naps: When scheduling the cake smash & splash photography session, ensure you consider nap times. Kids are typically happier after their first nap of the day. Scheduling the photo shoot around half hour after usual nap times is a great idea, most babies nap in the car on the way here or if you live close make sure they had their nap before you leave home.

3. Bring treats: Bring your child's favorite little treats to sprinkle on top of the cake. A few cheerios, baby crackers, or bits of fruit can work wonders in getting a child to reach for their cake. Even if they don't like the cake at first, it looks like they're reaching for it and touching it. These small treats can be easily hidden in the cake and they might soon realise the cake is actually very tasty. You can also feed cake to your baby for that first taste, they will know that its ok to eat it.

baby girl dressed in a white vest being fed cake from a wooden spoon

4. Wear easily washable clothes: This tip is for the parents. Even though this cake smash photography session is for your child, you're bound to get messy too! You'll be helping your child get into position if they crawl or walk around, and you may even have to help them smash up the cake a bit. You'll get icing and cake on you, so be prepared by wearing some old, easy-to-wash clothing.

5. Relax and have fun: Babies are incredibly responsive to our moods. Having professional photos taken can seem stressful, but the more you can relax, the more fun your baby will have. There's no rush. Take your time and let the baby get used to being in my studio, the lighting, and well me! I have a few tricks to get babies smiling and feel at home. Keeping your baby in your arms when you walk into my studio and then sitting down goes a ling way, it will give your little one to take in new surroundings without thinking you are doing a nursery drop off. we will get acquainted and soon your baby will feel comfortable and want to go explore.

baby boy sitting cross legged pretending to do yoga and relaxing before his photo shoot

6. Splash time!! After all the messy fun of smashing a cake and a good tasting session it will definitely be time to clean up. Your little bundle will leave the studio smelling fresh ready for a nap on the way home. Bath time is so much fun for babies, from splashing to tasting bubbles (every time, i don't know why haha). I have fresh studio towels for you to use, its one less thing to pack for your cake smash photo shoot.

Overall, cake smash photography is a fun and memorable way to celebrate your child's first & 2nd birthday. With a little preparation and a relaxed attitude, you'll be sure to capture some amazing moments that you'll cherish for years to come.


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