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Studio Newborn Photo Session in Gravesend Kent

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Here is what you need to know for a smooth Newborn Shoot Photo Shoot

Baby Photography Kent

Are you thinking about getting a professional studio newborn baby photoshoot in Gravesend? The newborn stage ends so fast and before you know it, your bubba is already a toddler. Most people don’t know but the best time for newborn photography ist the first 14 days after the baby is born.

Of course, a successful session is also possible when the baby is a bit older, but please plan accordingly.

My newborn photo sessions are done in my cosy all white home studio in Gravesend, Kent where you can be part of a wonderful relaxed experience.

cosy white photo studio in gravesend kent, white sofa and fireplace filled with decorative wood

First and foremost, newborn photography provides a way for parents to document their baby's growth and development over time. In the early days, babies change and grow so quickly that it can be hard to remember every detail. Photographs can help parents to remember their baby's tiny fingers and toes, their first smiles, and other special moments.

Photo Studio in Gravesend, Kent | Newborn Sessions are relaxed and a memorable experience

From the moment you walk in you will find my studio to be a place where you can be yourself, feel at home and relax.

When you arrive the studio will be set up specifically for your newborn photo shoot, with soft lighting, comfortable seating, we will take the time to get to know each other and discuss what you are looking for in your photos. I will then work with you to create a comfortable and safe environment for your baby, ensuring that they are happy and content throughout the session.

My sessions are pure, simple and natural. I use wraps, and other simple accessories to keep the focus on your newborn and your family bond. I create a variety of stunning images from family portraits, siblings and some of baby alone. Whether you are looking for traditional posed shots or more natural, candid moments, I am dedicated to capturing the beauty and innocence of your newborn in every photo.

What to wear for your newborn family shoot

Does it really matter? YES ABSOLUTELY! You see these beautiful images when you are pregnant and immediately think of finding a newborn photographer in your area. There are so many to choose from and my recommendation is to choose someone in line with your personal taste.

My sessions are done in white and very natural muted colours, Why? Well, i think its important to have timeless images that will go with any home decor, images that you will still want to display in your home no matter how you choose to decorate it. The main focus point will always be your family memories.

big sister kissing newborn baby whilst laying down and hugging her

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