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Kent Newborn Photographer

Hey there! When you come to me for a newborn photo session, my main priority is creating a comfortable and safe environment for your baby while working with you, the parents. Before the session, I usually set up half an hour before start time to ensure everything is ready. I'll adjust the lighting, choose props and blankets, and make sure the room is warm enough for the baby. It's also important for me to know what types of images you're looking for, so I'll ask you to fill out a questionnaire beforehand.

newborn baby sleeping peacefully

During the session, I'll work with the baby to position them in various poses and positions, such as on their back, stomach, or side. I use blankets, wraps, and other props to ensure that the baby is comfortable and secure throughout the shoot. And rest assured, I have everything needed to accomplish these images!

newborn baby fast asleep with tiny little frowns and wrinkles

Once the baby is positioned and comfortable, I'll start taking photographs from different angles and perspectives. My aim is to capture every detail and expression your little one shows off, including those little yawns and sneezes that make newborns so adorable. Some of my favourite images are with the parents and siblings, creating beautiful family portraits that capture the joy and love of the new family.

After the shoot, I'll spend time editing and post-processing the images to enhance their quality and create a polished finished product. I take great care to ensure that each image looks its best and reflects the beauty of your baby. You'll receive a proof gallery to select your favourite images, with the option to purchase additional images if you'd like.

newborn sleeping in a basket with a brown blanket and  beige wearing cashmere romper

Overall, a newborn photo session is a collaborative and creative process that aims to capture beautiful and memorable images of your newborn baby. If you're interested in scheduling a session, it's best to reach out to me during your second trimester to ensure availability. I can't wait to work with you to create some amazing memories that you'll cherish for years to come!

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