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5 Reasons why you should book a Newborn Photo Shoot - Baby Photography Gravesend, Kent

1. Those precious newborn moments disappear with a blink of an eye

I know you’re remembering being a child yourself and how different things were back then.  Fortunately, we are much better off in the picture department but sadly time goes by just as quickly as it did back then. Having a newborn baby is having all of life's most bittersweet moments come at you one after the other, piling on top of each other. The best time to capture your newborn is within the first 14 days after birth.

2. This is the MOST special time of your life

The Birth of your child only happens once, this the most special moment of your life. The very first breath your baby takes almost takes your own away. When you gaze upon your baby for the first time it fills your heart with a joy you have never felt in any other way.

It’s a time that deserves to be captured forever with beautiful pictures that you can look back at again and again.

You wouldn’t want your wedding pictures taken on an iPhone or by an amateur photographer - so why do so many families miss this huge milestone in their lives?

3. Capturing Perfection

There’s nothing better than having beautiful pictures to decorate your home and show off to family and friends. We take countless amounts of pictures on our phones, but how many of them have you ever printed to display in your home?

I can help you capture your very sweet family moments, not just for you but for your children to enjoy one day too.  

4. Family is Everything!

Newborns are breathtaking! It is only natural that you’ll want to remember every little detail about your bundle of joy. I capture newborns and families in a way that brings out the very natural and raw bond that you have formed with your baby, that to me is the most important of all. Family is everything so being able to capture that beautiful connection is priceless. From their puckered lips to tiny toes and back rolls!! Our memory often fades over time. A newborn photo session is an opportunity to freeze this moment in time and preserve the memory of your baby in your hearts and minds through these timeless photographs.

5. Availability

Once you have had your 20 week scan you can start to find a newborn photographer. Look at her style and how it would look on the walls of your home. My Style is simple fresh and symplistic with all the attention on your little baby. Booking a newborn experience ahead of time takes all of that stress off your hands.


Below is a link to some of my reviews, have a look at what my clients think about their experience with Roxie Art Photography.

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